Why a vegetarian restaurant is called herbal restaurant in Singapore?

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Herbal is green and green is good for environment and health and that is what an herbal restaurant in Singapore represents when it says it is herbal.

The first thing that comes to your vision when someone mentions herbs is the color green and the associated leaves of plants and shrubs. This is obvious because most of the herbs we see are green, that may turn brown, yellow or pale with time and processes. Herbal is green and green is good for environment and health and that is what an herbal restaurant in Singapore represents when it says it is herbal. Indian vegetarian restaurants are Singapore obviously will use herbs in its preparations as is the nature of the recipe and the cooking. Besides using a number of rare herbs, the restaurant will also use unique spices in the cooking to increase taste and flavor.

Heavenly mixture of herbs and spices

Just look at the menu of a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore and you will find out why it is known as a herbal restaurant. Most of its menu is prepared by using organic whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, yoghurt, herbs and spices. They are absolutely fat less and vegetarian and have no chance of producing bad fats or cholesterol. The herbal restaurant in Singapore uses a wide spectrum of spices that are used in different forms such as whole, ground, chopped, sautéed, roasted, fried or as toppings. Spices characteristically blend food and extract maximum nutrition from them and present to the eater in palatable form. The spices are either fried before the main preparation and some of them are mixed during the preparation.  Some of the herbs and spices are added at the end of the preparation in an attempt to increase flavor.

The restaurant uses strong spices at the starting of the food preparation and lighter spices are added at the middle or end of the preparation. The Indian cuisine is famous for its curry which is a dish which is blended with several spices together whether as gravy or dry. Here is a list of Indian herbs used in the preparations of Indian food items and if you put up some research in Google you will find how healthy and nutritious they are. Now the list:

·         Cardamom green/brown

·         Pepper black/white

·         Cumin seed

·         Cinnamon

·         Clove

·         Curry leaves

·         Bay leaves

·         Fennel seed

·         Fenugreek seed/leaves

·         Garlic

·         Ginger

·         Mint

·         Mustard

·         Nigella

·         Nutmeg

·         Basil

·         Poppy seed

·         Pomegranate seed

·         Saffron

·         Tamarind

·         Sesame seed

·         Turmeric

·         Chili green/red

These are routine herb and spices with plenty of nutrition, anti-oxidant properties, vitamins, minerals and anti-biotic and anti-allergic compounds. This is pure heaven as it completely does away with gastronomical concoctions and provides pure food that is enriched with health.

The herbal restaurant in Singapore is the right avenues for you to enjoy their goodness as the menu provided there are prepared using them. The above list is made up of herbs and spices used in Indian recipe since civilization and cultural revolutions appeared in the Indian horizon. The same is being followed and adapted by generations to come and presently the Singapore herbal restaurant provides it to you in a well stitched menu.


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