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Green Leaf Cafe is nutritious, healthy and energetic restaurant on No.43 Cuff Road,Singapore - 209753.The secret of Green Leaf Cafe is in proper use of selected spices to bring out the rich flavour and aroma in food. Green Leaf Cafe is a family-friendly, casual atmosphere with excellent service and our food is great. So please come in or call us and try our food [...]

Eat at Indian Vegetarian restaurant to find healthy food option in Singapore

If eating is your passion you will find the south Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore your best alley as they offer exquisite culinary tastes derived from traditional South Indian cooking. If you are vegan and can’t cross the frontier, you will find the herbal restaurant in Singapore most suited to your taste buds. Whether you are a local or an Indian traveling from India you will find these restaurants complying with your customs and traditional ways of eating vegetarian foods.   

The Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore is famed for its exclusive recipe consisting of Idli, Dosa, Uttappam, Vadai, Bonda, Pongal, Curd Rice, Tamarind Rice, Lemon Rice, accompanied by a variety of chutneys, Sambar and a bevy of juices, butter milk, and other south indian beverages, cold drinks etc. Most of these items are served as snacks and refreshers and are served during lunch and dinner time. A full Thali Meal can be quite sumptuous with the vegetarian lunch buffet in Singapore and it will be a satisfying experience to go en masse and eat these buffet lunches at the nearest herbal restaurant in Singapore.  A Thali meal will consist of as many as 50-55 items and you will not find this kind of courses served anywhere else. Each of these items will exude unique taste & flavor that you normally do not come across in other ethnic meals.

The pure vegetarian restaurant in Singaporewill serve you a variety of dishes packed in one order which is more than worth the money you are paying. Apart from providing traditional vegetarian food items the restaurant also observes a protocol which is full of courtesy and smiles.  The vegetarian café Singapore will deploy a team of waiters who in their immaculate uniform will win your heart with their extraordinary manners, serving etiquettes and charming disposition. You will find the vegetarian restaurant in Singapore decorated with pleasant interior designs and flawless seating arrangement thus providing an eating experience that has no parallel. If you are a big family you will find the environment of the Popular Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore most liked by one and all and likely to make a repeat visit in the near future. Such is the ambience and comfort provided by the south Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

Eating out is considered unhealthy by many critics but that is not the case with the Restaurants with Healthy Vegetarian Options Singapore. Exotic herbs, spices, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy products and organically processed grains and oils are used by them. The ingredients required to make the vegetarian dishes are sourced from trusted avenues that supply only naturally grown and harvested farm produces. When you eat at the vegetarian restaurant Singapore you also get the chance to eat Healthy Food Option in Singapore. The ingredients used at the pure vegetarian restaurant in Singapore pose you no side effects like the junk food served at hype restaurants. Check out when you go out to eat next time and the south Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore will not be hard to find.

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Greenleaf Café Serves 54 Items Grand Thali Meal

Greenleaf Café, Singapore’s one and only herbal vegetarian restaurant, is here to break records for preparing 54 different items in a single Thali meal to celebrate the 54th birthday of our nation.

Introduce Pazhaiya Soru (fermented rice)

Greenleaf Cafe is the first restaurant in Singapore to introduce Pazhaiya Soru (fermented rice) and yes, we still have it on our menu! A set comes with Pazhaiya Soru (fermented rice), small onion, kothavaranga vathal.⠀

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