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Green Leaf Cafe is nutritious, healthy and energetic restaurant on No.43 Cuff Road,Singapore - 209753.The secret of Green Leaf Cafe is in proper use of selected spices to bring out the rich flavour and aroma in food. Green Leaf Cafe is a family-friendly, casual atmosphere with excellent service and our food is great. So please come in or call us and try our food [...]

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Greenleaf Café Serves 54 Items Grand Thali Meal

Greenleaf Café, Singapore’s one and only herbal vegetarian restaurant, is here to break records for preparing 54 different items in a single Thali meal to celebrate the 54th birthday of our nation.

Introduce Pazhaiya Soru (fermented rice)

Greenleaf Cafe is the first restaurant in Singapore to introduce Pazhaiya Soru (fermented rice) and yes, we still have it on our menu! A set comes with Pazhaiya Soru (fermented rice), small onion, kothavaranga vathal.⠀

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